K thru 12 Education

Dr. Welsh in conjunction with members of the Center for Science Education at the Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley plans to carry out a joint program of educational outreach between students and teachers in Oakland, California and their counterparts in the Republic of South Africa (RSA).

The main goal of this program is to teach and engage African-American students with the science of astronomy using culturally relevant ways. By researching the scientific practices of non-Western cultures, we aim to engage under-privileged minority groups who identify with these cultures. We are currently preparing a possible curriculum for lessons provided through “live” classroom link-ups between Oakland and the RSA using Skype internet protocols. Typical questions for the student to research may consist of:

“What, to you, is the purpose of science?”

“What do you like and dis-like about the way science is taught in your school?”

“Can you name any living or dead scientists?”

“Why do you think that there are not more Black and Latino professional scientists?”